Friday, July 18, 2008

Dimaries Silhouette Art

pictured left-watching life unfold

So I've been tryin out a new style...and enjoyin it I must admit :)
Theres something so mysterious and beautiful about shadows, silhouettes... and I get to embrace this with this style.

After finishing my first picture like this, (unicorns) I had enjoyed it so, I had to do another...and another and another and the ideas kept coming in :)
pictured right -faerie mumma

But after I had finished a handful of them, it got me to thinking of where I had gotten my inspiration from, and I had to go back thru memory to find out :)
When I was younger, one of my favourite books for a short time was The Kingdom under the Sea.

It was a book of fairytales, albeit rather dark ones...and for each story there was one or two pictures...and the pictures were amazing!
Gorgeous pictures! All done in sihouettes, on a backdrop of what looked to be marble effect dyed paper,,, I loved that book.
But as life takes over it was lost amongst other dearly held treasures... fell into the abyss of childhood relics long misplaced...
and I forgot all about it...

So back to the present, after I had completed a few silhouette pics of my own design...I started to remember that book!
I could vaguely remember the pictures...the witches hut on a chicken foot...the mermaids... I couldnt remember properly...
Of course I couldnt remember the author or illustrator either...even got my mother to check her house to see if my old book was there somewhere...but no luck.

Days later, upon talking to a fellow RB member about the origins of my inspiration for my silhouette pics, I finally had the idea to google the book title! Why I hadnt thought of that already I'm not sure lol, so much goin on in this mind its hard to keep up sometimes...
Not only did I find said book, but with it the author and illustrators names...And more books in the same style! yay! I love that artwork!

So, the illustrator is the very talented Jan pienkowski, who is also famous for the "Meg n Mog" childrens books.
His official site can be found here

So, I'm lovin this style of work... I have many more to come!
...I just need to be careful to not do anything too similar to Jans stuff! And keep mine original!
Tho his style seems to be more arabic than mine, and his backgrounds are marble backgrounds are more spacey and light explosion, and my characters more medievil, european lookin than his...
The Dragon Kin Battles

So they also look really great on Tees! check it out! here are my Seers ones...

and above here are what the 'seers' series look like in print form framed.
So thats some of my latest work...have also been doing some more photography and bass related pieces too...
Come check it all out at my RB 'home'

All artwork shown here is available to buy as prints, (and some on tee designs too!)If you would like to purchase one (or many lol) simply click on any of the links under the artwork or click on my RB portfolio link to the right under my profile...

Hope you have enjoyed my visions!

Peace N Luv Trippaz!

:) :) :)