Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Thing!

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I know I really should be more onto the advertising promotion side of things...
But Life has been a lil but hectic lately :)

And Yea Baby Time sure flies as you get older...
Since Last being here, there has been a few changes.
We relocated... New house, new town, new start :)
Zafyre is growing up fast, She speaks entire sentences now, and continually impresses me with her cleverness, but its her personality that is the winner, She has a big heart and its apparant in everything she does :) And a whacky sense of humour! The amount of times she cracks us all up with laughter. Lovin it!

So, Sales have been somewhat consistant, slowly picking up over time.. There was a few "dry" months there but I've put that down to lack of networking and being awol from the computer during the move. And complete lack of advertising.

I should Advertise. Promote. Sell My Art.. sell myself? Lol... Sometimes it feels as though you are selling off pieces of your soul... they still remain part of you.. but there are now all these fragmented memories materialised in art that the world can see and take in, and take home if they so want..
Should Art speak for itself? Does it need the elaborate descriptions, explanations...
Personally I think it entirely depends on the artwork. What has inspired it... Worthy of a mention or simply productivity... Some pieces become so fully more what they are when coupled with the written word.. or spoken.. a glimpse into what drives the mind that creates... that it is a gift of sorts.. this trust that the artist gives the viewer.. a trust to not only take in an image and all that it says.. but to actually hear from the artist themselves what the driving force behind it was... that can be a beautiful thing, or a tragic and sad thing, depending on the inspiration...

Inspired by an untimely unfair murder.
This piece is one of more recent works.. And though the art can speak for itself on many levels.. and has, in its short time on RB so far, been featured in many groups, has a huge view count, many comments.. has placed 5th in a comp.. and is currently the avatar for Rb's Dream and Fantasy Group... The inspiration behind this piece, The driving force of need to create this piece.. The deep part... Was as tragic as the loss of my beloved cat Shadow. And how I always viewed him.. powerful, magical and sneaky lol...
Shadow was killed a few months back. Some Neighbours decided to take sick pleasure in torturing him.. He made it home, barely, He was in a terrible state, and I held him and he died moments later from his injuries...
For the full story, I have it written in my journals over at RB
Shadows Unfair demise
Well I must sign off for now, Have many a job to do around the house, plus Miss Zafyre is asking for help with eating her vegetables so tis Mumma Duty time :)
We went to the Melbourne Zoo a few weeks ago, will be back soon to post our pics and thoughts of the day...
Peace N Luv To You All xoxox

Thursday, February 12, 2009

hey peeps :)
Its been awhile since I've updated here, there are many reasons, and i wont bore you with all of them... I've much more important news...

So, as most of you are aware by now, here in Victoria, in the beautiful land of Oz, we have just gone thru what the media dubbed 'Hell on Earth' and 'Black Saturday'

A number of raging bushfres have swept across leaving over 800 homes destroyed, 181 people have lost their lives (and the death toll is expected to rise...) as well as tens of thousands of animals also lost their lives... thousands more injured...
Its madness.
I'm not really sure of the coverage this has been getting across the globe, here we have the news covering it 24/7.. its impossible to turn in the tv without seeing the images.. without crying.
So for those of you who perhaps havnt seen the effect of these fires, i urge you to go look at this gallery Herald Sun VICTORIAS KILLER FIRES
There are also some other photos here
eg of what you'll see

I just want to point out that these are not my photographs, nor are they public domain.
The photographers are Stuart McEvoy, Fiona Hamilton, Simone Dalton and Ellen Smith and they own the copyright to these pics!
The photos are available for purchase thru the HeraldSun.com.au site.
And all the proceeds go to the CFA. Check it here!
Same with this little soon to be iconic picture below
Sam the Koala Photo

The amazing photograph of CFA member David Tree sharing his water with a koala, brought smiles to the faces of Herald Sun readers.

Copies of the photograph taken by fellow CFA member Mark Pardew are available for purchase for personal home use only,
with all proceeds going to the CFA.

5x7" photographs - $20 per copy

There are many other ways to help too!
Anyone wanting to volunteer to help in the bushfire relief effort can contact 1300 366 356.
If you want to donate money to the Red Cross State Government Victorian Bushfire Appeal Fund, click on the link for details.
Or Phone 1800 811 700
Or go to any NAB, ANZ, Westpac or Commonwealth Bank branch...
click for details
Or go to any Bunnings store
Australia Post will donate $1 million to the bushfire relief fund and collect donations in more than 4000 post offices across the country.
Another appeal set up is the Myer Bushfire Appeal.
All proceeds will go to the Salvation Army.
Donate at any Victorian Myer store.
Millions of dollars has been pledged by companies across Australia,
Australians had pledged more than $5 million to the Victorian Bushfire Fund as of yesterday afternoon.

info courtesy of heraldsun.com.au

Above is a map of part of victoria... taken at 1am thursday morning, febuary 12th 09...
with the current fires... the green dots are 'contained' fires... orange dots 'controlled' fires and the red dots are still 'going' fires, out of control...
So it isnt over yet.

And to think that some of these fires were deliberatley lit completely does my head in... how anyone could be so reckless, so... there is not even a word in the english dictionary to describe someone capable of causing such destruction.... The Prime Minister was right in my opinion, when he called the arsons Mass Murderers...
I think the current government have been handling this disaster really well... i'm not one for praise of governments... but i was really touched when i saw how much effort has been going into helping out those in need...
of course there's always something to spoil it hmn... like the petty thieves who are stealing donations... or the centrelink workers refusing to help people in need because they had no id... come on, they have nothing left, no id to show... stupid red tape.
If you want to read more on that, go here or this story or this one

Another good story of survival can be found here by Gary Hughes

what about us? Well we are okay, as we live in the south east part of vic, on the mornington peninsula, and have not been personally affected by the fires so much.
Our hearts go out to all those that have.
We have a friend who lives out in Eildon, who we have not heard from, and i'm pretty worried too... but so far everyone else is accounted for in our extended families (that i know of)
I still find that i have tears streaming down my cheeks tho everytime i think of any of this, everytime i switch on the news....
If i had a million dollars right now i would gladly give it all to those who need it so much... But i dont... its actually been very tough financially... too many australians live under the poverty line... work is harder to get... nappies cost a fortune :)
But believe me, if we had any money to spare, we would gladly donate it...
So, instead, me and my little one searched around the house to collect anything we didnt need anymore (again, i almost feel the thought is worth more than the actuality on my part as we have so little to offer) but i managed to find some clothes that didnt get worn and were still in good condition, my daughter getting excited in the moment ran and grabbed some of her old clothes aswell... i could of cried with pride... she's so cute and clever, she's only just over 2yrs yet so aware, and so sensitive to everything around her...
We had a talk and I explained to her how all these kind good people had lost everything and we needed to send some stuff to them to help them out... she listened, and whether she understands i'll never know probably, but she was a great helper!
Here she is helping fold up some clothes to be donated...

do you think they'll need my shoes mumma? it took a little extra convincing to get her to give up her black clothes! :)

So tomorrow we'll make the trip down to the Red Cross and hand over our donations... I do hope that it helps someone! And its been good for my daughter to learn a little more about the beauty of giving....
Over at the online community of RB, where I host my main galleries, some wonderful people have set up The Pheonix Appeal
All artworks and teeshirts have been donated to this account by the artists, with all profits going to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund.
And not only all profits to the artists are being donated to the relief, but RB has pledged also to match dollar for dollar all donations made to the Victorian Bushfire Relief Fund!
That is awesome of them!
So, if there was a time you wanted to buy some original and great artwork, now is the time to do it, and do it from the Pheonix Appeal, as every little bit helps!
So, signing off now, we'd like to extend our sympathies, empathies, hearts, good wishes and all the healing vibes in the universe to the people who's lives have been affected by these fires...
I only wish there was more we could do! Truly our hearts go out to you all...
Peace N Love People!
In these past few days so many have shown the brilliant generous awesome side of humanity that makes me proud to be human! over 30million aus dollars raised already! So many willing and eager to help....
I hope that this genorosity of human spirit and helping each other out stays with us, stays practised... as we are capable of it, we've proven that... I have been choked back to tears so many times learning of individual stories of giving in these last few days....
after such a terrible tragedy we need to stick together..
and never give up hope!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Delving into my dark side...
Once upon a time many lifetimes ago, my creativity and imagination was immersed in the dark decadent and morbid genres of art and language...
On the brink of obsession, it consumed all waking hours, conscious thought and mindnumbing blanks and even found me in my sleep too, and I was lost.
Then as the years progressed, that all merged with my voyeuristic side and I found myself creating and surrounding myself with all of the sensual dark and erotic of nature...

Deadly Obsession

Now, many lifetimes later and somewhat saner, (or not), I've become softer, brighter.... joy n all that jazz of having my children, and the pain of losing our first, and the utter bliss I feel when around my daughter... its all made me soft. :) And with this softness, and altered perspective on actual life, an odd thing happened with my art and writing... No longer wrapped up in darkness, spells, death and the eerie romantiscism of gothic worlds, tho still always never far from it, my art took on a brighter nature... Colour filtered in, smiles of the unsinister kind, good faeries and dragons and portraits of pretty girls, babies, pets... cute toons depicting love and friendship and all the bright happy feel good vibes in the world... The Puppeteer
Being a mumma has altered me
But I still have my passion for the dark side...
and I still bite when it is needed :)

Stillness Speaks

So... recently I have put a temporary halt on my 'feel good' art pieces... and I have once again succumbed to the darker art, the creepy, eerie, morbid and decadently beautiful....


Strange where our minds and paths lead us...

All artwork available to purchase as cards, prints, posters, framed prints, and some designs also on tees :)
All at my bubble
And on a side note, my little girl will be turning TWO in a month! Wow, time flies hey!
Peace N Luv Trippaz :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Peace N Luv Trippaz!
Happy Halloween!