Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My sister and her fiance are now the proud parents of a gorgeous lil big boy!
8.13 and 3/4 pounds,
52cm long, 36cm hc….
Born at 12-18pm, 18/08/08!
Welcome to the world little big boy!
Finally! Yay! The little one has arrived!
well, not so little lol!
This is a pic they sent me of him!
quality isnt great, as its a mobile phone camera, but that doesnt matter cos the subject is perfect!
They have not yet decided on a middle name, I will let you all know as soon as I do!He’s well n truly cooked lol! being due on the 8th, he decided to take his time to arrive! :)

On a sad note, me being all sick with the flu at the moment, I was unable to go down there to meet him yet, and will have to wait until this flu has passed, as I would never forgive myself if the lil big one caught the flu from us :(
So c’mon bloody flu, piss off aleady, I want to go meet my nephew!!!Here is the gorgeous boy with my Dad, who is a Proud Grandaddy for the 4th time now, as I have two other nephews to my sister Cass who lives over the other side of Oz, plus my lil girl, makes this lilbig boy the 4th grandchild in the family. Oh and soon to be followed by the birth of my younger step-sisters baby who is due in a few weeks!! My Step sis is called Sarah, and she also lives in another state…but I’m pretty sure they’ll all make the trip down to melb over xmas and we’ll get to meet their new arrival too!!
I’m just sooo hanging to get there and take loads of photos of the lil big boy!
patience is not one of my better virtues! :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally an update from our world...

I know I know... :) I've been slack with the updating here... or moreso, been in busy bee mode and there are simply not enough hours in the day! :)
So now for the newz...
The Zazzle peeps have gone and added Keds brands shoes to their line up of wicked products... Been having loads of fun designing different looks for these shoes....
here are some of mine, available thru my zazzle store here
I'm such a dag :). I'm even having fun designing ads for them! :)

At the moment only Womens and Kids sizes are available...but I'm pretty sure Mens are on the patience my lovelies! :)
Any other down sides? Well, I have had a few designs knocked back lol, for controversial content...?
The only thing I could gather personally was that they had my fairy design "Fiery Faerie" on them, in which her breasts are bare...Hardly controversial at all...
But you can decide for yourselves-
The designs go thru an approval process, which is understandable, as they have the Keds brand clearly on them so they have to look out for their own interests.... but bare breasts? come on? what age do we live in?
I even classed it under the "R" rating, so as not to offend those "do gooder too sensitive" types who trawl art sites to report 'offensive' content...
The design was Approved, yep....only to be reviewed and removed a few hours later....
Hmn...I'm so over censorship....
But I decided, Its much more sensible to pick your battles than to go head first passionately defending what you believe to be right at every turn...and this battle is really not worth it as of yet.... I have too many battles at the moment I am dealing with, both professionally and personally, so I'll rant and rave here, to vent... but I'll continue to do business with them :)
But I am a big believer in not censoring the body, or sex.... especially in art.

pictured above "Serpent of Seduction"
I spose I better remember to not add any 'offensive bare breasts' to my shoe designs in the! :)
It reminds me though, that a few months back, I had a mousepad design removed from my zazzle store by the powers that be for inappropiate content... But that might of been because I was new to the site then, and wasnt aware that any form of nudity needed to be rated "R" as I had only rated it PG13... But again, perhaps I am more down to earth than most, because I did not see my design as inappropriate at all... (or even "R" rated to be honest...)
Again, decide for yourselves, here is the pic-

"Mothers Gift"

and the words "Celebrate Breastfeeding" was written very elegantly accross the bottom of the design.... Who could that be offensive to?
But I let that slide as an oversight in my part, not reading the rules first lol... and I have not as yet tried to re publish it under an "R" rating....

But now I'm starting to wonder... if these would be pulled...

pictured above left to right "Pleasures", "Mystery" and "The Exotic Dancer"

pictured below left to right "Wanting", "She has the Power" and "The Runaway Princess Fairy"

...if I were to showcase them there,
As how it stands now, all my 'erotic' art is at the bubble, where the censorship is not ridiculous like other places I've found... infact they are rather against censorship as far as non pornographic art goes... at least I personally have had no worries with them at the bubble!
Hmn, the Bubble....
Bubble News-
Released! No longer in beta mode...our Bubblesites are up n running! I keep going from black background to white in the gallery...cant decide which looks better... more... professional! :)

black version

or white version?

Its great being able to manage all the art and tee designs into 'sets' and categories, series, particular mediums... all that jazz

and it has a more personal url also, good for business!

how easy is that!
Mine is still half done lol...what can I say? I'm massively distracted...short attention span...terrible short term memory (which is why I write everything down) many projects goin on at once... Priority goes to paid work and work that have deadlines...and all the rest gets done in my moments between chasing my daughter around the house playing with her...

On a side note... Little MissyMoo will be the "Big 2" in 4 months time... though she acts like she's 3 already lol...such personality on such a little girl!

Her cousin is due today to come into the world, but is being a tad shy and wont come out lol...

We're waiting for that phone call "We're in LABOUR!" and then its Road trip time, because of course my sister had to go and move out to the bush a few months ago didnt she :)
Its a nice area, where they've moved to...funnily enough more local to me n my other half than any of the rest of my family...but a few years ago my sisters hubby bought a business out there, so out bush they moved....with their fifty pets in tow... :)

pictured above "Magickal Expectations"
My sister preggers... apparantly "much bigger than that now" lol...
I created this one for my sis... And, being that I am never satisfied with doing something only once, I had to do it many times...and in variations :)
here a few to give you an idea...

So since I begun to write this update, two dawns have come and gone, firewood has run out, alot of food has been eaten lol, computer has crashed twice and more projects thought of....
Sleep managed to boycott our pre-arranged date both nights... happens alot when a) My little one has restless sleep... b) I have too many creative ideas and c) I forget to go to bed...
Lol, It sounds odd but I really do just plain forget sometimes, constantly distracted with ideas, thoughts and projects.
Oh, and of course there's also d) like last night, when we have friends come round and I get distracted being social and getting smashed lol....
So there's some newz for now... will be back soon to spill more info n thoughts n ramblings....wont leave it so long next time promise! :)
So take care of each other Trippaz!
Peace N Luv to ya all.....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Quick update

There seems to be a problem with uploading pictures here today, so this is just a quick update....
-dimarie designs now does Keds shoes! Available at my Zazzle store click here
-I have some new designs on mousepads also....
-Dont forget to check out our main art site, where we now have our private bubble sites, geared more toward the sales.... the community side is still there also if one likes to leave comments and read the writings, poetry and journals, as these are not accessible thru the private bubble as of yet...
- I have loads of works in progress at the moment, as soon as the bug is fixed with uploading pics, i'll give you all a glimpse of what i'm up to!
Until then....
Peace N Luv Trippaz!
Take Care of Each Other!