Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Thing!

There is currently at this very moment a sale on over at Red Bubble

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Dees Tees
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I know I really should be more onto the advertising promotion side of things...
But Life has been a lil but hectic lately :)

And Yea Baby Time sure flies as you get older...
Since Last being here, there has been a few changes.
We relocated... New house, new town, new start :)
Zafyre is growing up fast, She speaks entire sentences now, and continually impresses me with her cleverness, but its her personality that is the winner, She has a big heart and its apparant in everything she does :) And a whacky sense of humour! The amount of times she cracks us all up with laughter. Lovin it!

So, Sales have been somewhat consistant, slowly picking up over time.. There was a few "dry" months there but I've put that down to lack of networking and being awol from the computer during the move. And complete lack of advertising.

I should Advertise. Promote. Sell My Art.. sell myself? Lol... Sometimes it feels as though you are selling off pieces of your soul... they still remain part of you.. but there are now all these fragmented memories materialised in art that the world can see and take in, and take home if they so want..
Should Art speak for itself? Does it need the elaborate descriptions, explanations...
Personally I think it entirely depends on the artwork. What has inspired it... Worthy of a mention or simply productivity... Some pieces become so fully more what they are when coupled with the written word.. or spoken.. a glimpse into what drives the mind that creates... that it is a gift of sorts.. this trust that the artist gives the viewer.. a trust to not only take in an image and all that it says.. but to actually hear from the artist themselves what the driving force behind it was... that can be a beautiful thing, or a tragic and sad thing, depending on the inspiration...

Inspired by an untimely unfair murder.
This piece is one of more recent works.. And though the art can speak for itself on many levels.. and has, in its short time on RB so far, been featured in many groups, has a huge view count, many comments.. has placed 5th in a comp.. and is currently the avatar for Rb's Dream and Fantasy Group... The inspiration behind this piece, The driving force of need to create this piece.. The deep part... Was as tragic as the loss of my beloved cat Shadow. And how I always viewed him.. powerful, magical and sneaky lol...
Shadow was killed a few months back. Some Neighbours decided to take sick pleasure in torturing him.. He made it home, barely, He was in a terrible state, and I held him and he died moments later from his injuries...
For the full story, I have it written in my journals over at RB
Shadows Unfair demise
Well I must sign off for now, Have many a job to do around the house, plus Miss Zafyre is asking for help with eating her vegetables so tis Mumma Duty time :)
We went to the Melbourne Zoo a few weeks ago, will be back soon to post our pics and thoughts of the day...
Peace N Luv To You All xoxox

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