Monday, June 16, 2008

the 'real' kind and digital too!

Airbrushing has always fascinated me!

The very first time I saw an airbrush work I fell in love with the seemingly endless possibilities that the medium promised.

It brought fantasy art to life in a way I'd never seen before...

As the years went by and life gets in the way, airbrushing sat on the 'backburner'... waiting for the time and place to warrant my attention again...
pictured above Gothic Soul

So, having never done any airbrush work myself, a few years ago I splurged and spent the money on an airbrush course...

pictured above - Thinking... completed on day three of the course

Its really really big!

It was a 5 day course with Power Studios, based in Melbourne.
Daniel Power, the owner of Power studios is a fantastic artist! I love his work!
He takes on classes of about a dozen people and over a number of days, takes you thru different aspects of whats involved.
On the third day we were able to produce our first art pieces, of an eye...followed by hand pics the next day, (titled thinking) and on the final day, our "masterpieces" :)
Being pregnant at the time kinda meant after the course I had to not obsess over getting an airbrush set up goin, and more concentrate on changing life around for little bubba to come! star slither two
Fast forward to the beginning of this year, and I get hold of the brilliant program, adobe photoshop CS3...ooh yea!
And I introduced myself to the world of digital airbrushing!


Its quite different from the 'real'/analogue airbrushing, but from my limited experience with it, I feel it uses the same basics...
So here are some of my digital airbrush pieces

above is Mushies

pictured above right is Heartbroken Whispers

gothic angel


pictured above is exquisite, a close up of Zafyres face in my piece Trikeuphorica

Trikeuphorica progress


Background trees ps brushset "lady Victoire" ps brushes: "source"

I've been meaning to put up the progress pics of Trikeuphorica piece before now but it has been a busy bee week!

(This is the first 'realist' artwork i have done with digital airbrushing)

So here they are!

all done with a generic mouse! yay! :)

i started with just colour blotching everywhere, then filled it in

this is with my constantly going back to the reference photo...

then did the details...

this is the reference photograph above, of my daughter Zafyre on her trike! :)

So, The wonders of airbrushing! Both digital and analogue...
I will, one day, get my airbrush set up, and hopefully I'll remember how to use it!
Until then, I'll continue to do airbrush works the digital way...

Take care now!
Peace N Luv to you all!


Adam Rice said...

I once tried convincing a coworker (incredible airbrush artist) to consider looking into getting a computer with Photoshop. I don't know if he ever did. But he was very interested after I talked about it for a few days.

I think you see it. The theory of how airbrushes work, color matching, blah, blah, blah, all of that helps you do better digital work.

And you get that wonderful digital age miracle (save copy as...) or Undo! Then you can go back and do the stroke again, but get it right ;) or do it differently just to see how it changes things.

The physical methods will always be different (unless you get a WACOM tablet...and even then it's still different). But that's okay, tools change.

I know Airbrush Action had an article on spanning the divide between physical airbrushing and digital airbrushing, but that's somewhere in the last 4 years of their archives.

Good luck. Your work looks great, I hope you get the chance to set up that airbrush studio sometime.

dimarie said...

wow..thankyou adam!
I appreciate your comments!
The digital age has certainly enabled me to continue with my airbrushing now that I have a toddler in the worries about her ingesting anything toxic or makin a mess :)
When I get some free time, I'll look into finding up that article. :)
Thanx again! :)