Monday, June 9, 2008

Drawing Day o8!
Saturday was World Drawing Day.

The aim was to get 1 million drawings drawn in one day for the sake of art.
And Drawing Day rocked (and keeps on rock'n)

So over at Red Bubble, we had a group dedicated to Drawing Day, hosted by the fabulous thickblackoutline and the wonderful Natalie Tyler
If you would like to treat yourself and check out the works created by our Red Bubblers for drawing day, here is the link.
These are my contributions - the ones I did on World Drawing Day-

A piece I have been meaning to realise for a long time.Inspired by an old wooden cutting, I wanted to portray a conversation of sorts between human and beast.
Can you guess what she pleads about?
My favourite interpretation from a fellow RB artist - Shoes!

She was a fairy princess, who has run away from the kingdom in her quest to find true love.
I like to draw pretty fairies, and mermaids, all those wonderful fantasy creatures that spark the imagination.

Witheld from substance

This is a biro pen sketch of a painting that is a work in progress…

Starved from substance…knowledge, nourishment, drink, light…all substances we need…here our heroine has been captured by an evil wizard who keeps her trapped within his crystal ball, doomed to look out onto all that would nourish her if she were free…

Elegant Transcendence She looks so lovely in this shot I just had to draw her!
Inspired by a friend and fellow artist, BillyLees lovely self portrait photograph Naked Billy
When I saw the photograph of hers I instantly fell in love with it and had to draw her!

She is a sweet thing and kindly allowed me without knowing what it would turn out like lol!

So, in the spirit of spreading the love, I thought I would also post about my favourite drawings of other artists from the day on RB...

"Sketch 3" by Michelle Walker

I really like this pic, it has a lovely flow to it!
Michelle has some lovely work over at RB.


"She Sees All-IT'S DRAWING DAY!" by Martinz

Martinz drew this from their beautiful model to the music “teardrop” by massive attack, resulting in it being so round and soft yet still strong. A great example of how music can shape our art.
Martinz is a fabulous artist, and poet, I love all his work.
Definately worth checking out his portfolio!


Below, from left to right - "one baby to another.....", "Kurt Cobain" and "Kurt Cobain"

These are so awesome! Definately great culture art!

Caroline is a brilliantly talented artist, if you would like to see more of her art, her website is blackvelvetrocks

She is a new artist to Red Bubble, and all her work is brilliant!


And last, but definately not least,
"Feathered Friends" by georgiegirlaww, this is just soo cute!
I love cute drawings, those little pieces of the heart that make you smile!
You can almost hear their little chirping...
georgiegirl has alot of cute pics in her portfolio...

"Drawing Day 08 - My Little World" by Japu

This one is a cute one! on top of the world! I love the perspective on it!

Japu has lots of great pics in thier portfloio!

So, Drawing Day was a success, alot of people drew for the sake of drawing, art was inspired, and shared, and although I dont know if we made that elusive one million drawings worldwide, as with the different time zones it will be a few days before the drawing day site will tally the total, but it doesnt really matter the total of drawings, only that we have been inspired, and that is why Drawing Day was a success !

Want to see more of other Artists faves and experiences with drawing day 08?

Peace n Luv to you all!

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