Friday, June 27, 2008

Collaborations and Inspirations

desert spirits

Sometimes we are inspired by others art...sometimes another artist has a piece that jumps out at you saying "collab...collab..." lol.
One of the beauties of being part of an artistic community, such as RB, is the opportunty to do great collaborations is made so easy!
Being one that usually doesnt work well with others myself, I'm also finding the process a good learning curve.
Its always interesting to see how collaborations, and inspired art come together, the many different ideas that take shape and the varying interpretations that bring about results that are often mindblowing!

The Nightmare

Here are some of the collaboration pieces I have done...

- 'desert spirits' is a piece I have collaborated with Damien Venditti, a talented Australian Artist on RB.
I loved his painting, Dream of a hundred thousand years as soon as I saw it, and envisioned butterflies all over it lol, and after telling him so, being the cool guy that Damien is, he allowed me to do come up with something incorporating it.
So, using his painting as the background, I incorporated some of my ink drawings to it, to create the desert spirit and her butterflies.

- 'The Nightmare'
Kristina Kitchingman, who is an avid photographer, and also has a portfolio full of wonderful images on RB (and happens to be my aunt aswell lol) was kind enough to allow me to use some of her photographs in whatever way I pleased. (I love it when people do that!)
So this poetry piece was created incorporating some of Kristina's bones and skeleton photographs, to help add to the atmosphere of the nightmare portrayed.

Amaltheas Enchanted Home

- 'Amaltheas Enchanted Home' is a collaboration piece for a contest in the Live, Love, Dream RB group. The theme for the challenge was ‘Inspiration’ and was to encourage collaborations between artists and inspired art...
Kristina suggested I come up with something with her pictures...
So, using some of Kristinas photographs, my overtired imagination (lol) and self taught photoshop skills, this piece was created.

Unicorns have always been inspirational to me,
As a young child, my favourite movie was The Last Unicorn
I fell in love with the story and the magical beauty that was Amalthea, the tragic unicorn on her quest to free her kind, burdened by unfamiliar mortality, love, and regret that comes from her enchanted human guise.
It was the beginning of my life long love affair with all things magickal, has been the doorway to a world of unending inspiration, and opened my eyes to the beauty of imagination.

The Enchanted forest of AmyLee

- 'The Enchanted forest of AmyLee'
AmyLee, a creative and generous RB artist, sent me some photographs of herself for me to use.
This piece I came up with while going thru public domain images, where I found the gorgeous photograph by Petr Kratochvil titled 'In the wood' that he has generously donated to the public domain! So a little burning and dodging and airbrushing and layering and wings and imagination, The Enchanted forest of AmyLee came to be.

Here is Petrs photograph
'In the Wood'

and to the right,
my other piece created
from it,
Mystery in the woods
which is, save for a colour overlay, the background for the enchanted forest pic

- 'the realm of others' is another competition/challenge piece.
Created for the comp in the Alien Worlds/Landscapes RB group.
The challenge, using the mountains and water provided by AV ...add the sky to make it an alien world landscape.
this piece is what I ended up with..

the realm of others

It was fun this one!
My computer died halfway thru at one stage, and I'd forgotten to save any progress (when will I learn lol) but, It didnt bother me for once, as I was enjoying it, and it just meant I got to play around with it for longer and not feel guilty about the housework waiting for me lol.
Definately be sure to check out the other entries for this comp, as there are sure to be some fabulous art created! The group host, AV has come up with a brilliant challenge!
Also worth checking out AV's portfolio, full of great artwork! I just love his alien landscapes!

serpent of seduction

Serpent of seduction is a drawing I was inspired to do by a poem called Hiss written by RB writer/poet, deliriousgirl.
She has since taken her poem down from public view, until I get permission, unfortunately cannot post her great poem alongside it, but it was an erotic sensual piece of writing that spoke of satin sheets and snakes and desire...

Amphibia Bubblemania

Amphibia Bubblemania is another collaboration piece with Kristina, the background being her photograph Misty Sunset. Sourcing various frog pics from the public domain, I got set to creating the amphibia world, took me a few hours this one!
I grew up surrounded by cute lil froggies everywhere lol... even had some pet ones for awhile, but they didnt get along too well with our tortoise :) so my own childhood was very inspirational in the making of this piece.

So, In the coming days I'll show you some collaboration pieces created by other artists, as I'm currently waiting to hear back from a few great ones!

Hope you have enjoyed these!

All artwork shown here is available to buy as prints, (and some on tee designs too!)
If you would like to purchase one (or many lol) simply click on any of the links under the artwork or click on my RB portfolio link to the right under my profile...

Peace N Luv Trippaz!

All the best!

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Carmen said...

I love your collaboration with Damien. I was with him when he painted it on Sunday and it's lovely, your addition is beautiful. Well done guys!
(Dimarie, great work with your blog too by the way).

: )