Friday, June 6, 2008

Joys of being a parent!

and the inspired art that comes from such a venture....

"Precious Moments"
portrait I did of my daughter and her father.

I never would of imagined that I would love being a mum so much, and that it would be so much fun!

My daughter, Zafyre, is coming up to 18 months now, and every day with her is a new adventure!

But apart from being a gorgeous mischievious angelic child, she is the best model!

"Child of the Sky" - one of my firsts in digital artwork...

I have never been as inspired as an artist as I am these days, and its all thanx to my little girl!

She has made me take a different perspective on life, allowed me to see joy and hope and feel love I didnt think was possible, she is inspirational in all forms of the word...

and she makes the best model!

Here are some examples of art I have made with her as my inspiration and model -

This one above is one of the first drawings I did after having a break from art whilst pregnant and movin house.
Drawn with black pen on cartridge paper, this is a portrait of my girl when she was 1 week old.
She was so angelic looking right from the start....

This piece to the right, I did a little while ago.
We all have our guardian angels, faeries whispering secrets in our ears...

Titled "Believe in Magick"
The poem that goes with this piece-

The fairy whispered in her ear...
“Believe in Us…
Believe in Magick
Believe in fairies
Believe in all lifes joys
Believe in all lifes treasures
Let Belief take your heart
In whatever its form
For To Believe in anything
will make your heart warm…”

"A Mothers Love"

drawn with pencil on canvas sheet...
On the day of her birth, my sister captured a beautiful shot of my girls first feed...
This is my pencil sketch of that photo...

This came runner up in a drawing comp with the theme of a mothers love awhile ago...

(support breastfeeding!!!)

"Daughter of the Skies"

This piece is one of my first goes at using photoshop...
I dont own a graphic tablet or anything fancy, so this is simply drawn with the mouse using burn and dodge tools and some minimal airbrushing (lip colour, hair colour)
I was quite pleased with how it turned out! She's so adorable! (Tho I know I am biased! :))

"magical droplets"


"In awe of water"

These two above are part of my "Water Baby" series...
Zafyre loves bathtime, loves the water!

"fairy bubba restin"

Another sketch drawn with pen on cartridge paper...
When Zafyre sleeps, she gets this perfect expression of peace on her face...
an expression I have not seen an adult wear...
an expression with which only those magickal creatures share...

"White Pearl"

Now, my girl was born with a full head of luxurious thick dark hair, which continues to grow very quickly :)
So what would she look like if she were a blonde?

somethin like this I'd say...

Now she really does look like the ethereal angel

my favourite comment this piece has recieved in my portfolio-

"I love the technique you used in this image. It’s soft as a whisper or an angels kiss. Nice work!"


Being photo crazy and constantly having pen and paper on hand helps alot when it comes to creating alot of my work...Constantly remembering to back up my work on discs is somethin I have to improve on though! The hard drive is overflowing...

Zafyre is already so creative! She loves to try and copy me with scrapbooking and othe rart related ventures, and she has the most respect I have ever seen on a toddler regarding her books and any papers she finds around the house.
So far she has only ripped one book cover, and she got quite upset when she did :)

Although I am leaning toward thinking that she will be more musical than visual in her artistic ventures, as her Dad is a musician, and she loves to copy him and strum on her guitar while he plays.

"Wild Child" is part of my 'Rocker Baby' series

She has an impressive sense of rythm! Loves to dance, spends ages playing either her xylophones, her guitar or the organ, to which she stands on a her tippy toes like a ballerina, trying to reach ther topmost keys...

Definately a very creative little soul in the making!

If you are interesting in purchasing prints of any of my artwork, click on the title links next to the pic.
or click on the link to my RB portfolio to the right.
Also, I am available for freelance work, if you would like a piece created with one of your children, or yourself, leave a message and I'll be in touch!

Peace n Luv to you all!

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